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The Honda CBF Stunner is a premium mid-segment commuter bike from Honda in India. The Honda CBF Stunner is one of the best 125cc motorcycles available in the market at present. The bike delivers an average mileage of 70 kmpl. The Bike is targeted at a younger generation of buyers and has trendy style design like the half-fairing and the split seat. The bike offers the rider an upright riding position which minimises stress applied on the lower back and wrists, thereby improving comfort while riding for extended durations.

Honda CBF Stunner is best bike for those who whose travels more than 40kms per day and one can also enjoy occasional highway riding


It offers a rich set of features:-
LED Tail Lamps
Alloy Wheels
Tubeless Tyre
Body Graphics
Self Start
Trip Meter
Fuel Gauge
Low Fuel Indicator
Low Oil Indicator
Stand Alarm

honda-cbf-stunner-fi-front honda-cbf-stunner-fi-headlightHonda CBF Stunner speedometerstunner_yellow_2014


Sports Red
Sports Yellow
Candy Palm Green

honda stunner silver

It is launched in three different variants. All three variants have some 124.7cc engine

1) Honda Stunner CBF Self Drum Alloy
Key Difference : Only Drum brakes
It is the lowest price honda stunner Rs. 51,449
This variant does not have PGM-FI technology as its top model.
Mileage: 55kmpl on the city roads and 65kmpl on the highways
Sports Red, Pearl Sports Yellow, Candy Palm Green and Black.
acceleration of 8000-RPM
Torque: 11NM
Top Speed: 110kmh
0-60 in 5.2 secs

2) Honda Stunner CBF Self Disc Alloy
Key Difference : Front Disk and rear Drum brakes
It is mid priced Honda stunner Rs. 59,279
Millage : 45 kmpl
vibrant Sporty Red, Yellow, Space Metallic Silver and Black.
The body color is painted at air scoops, front mudguard, grab rails and rear side panels.
Rear shock absorber is in yellow
0-60 in 5.2 secs
Top Speed: 102kmh

3) Honda CBF Stunner Pgm Fi
Top model Rs. 65,842
Mileage: 65kmpl
Stunner CBF PGM-FI, the top variant has an air-cooled, 4 stroke, SI engine with Programmable Fuel Injection system that generates more power and torque and also has more mileage. It has front disc brake and PGM-FI technology.
COLORS:Sports Red, Pearl Sports Yellow, Candy Palm Green and Black.
Top Speed: 110kmh
0-60 in 5.2 secs

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